Nibiaa Devices - Smart Waste Management Solution

April 14, 2020

Problem Statement :
Waste Collection in cities and urban bodies is a big challenge and its an ongoing issue requiring a lot of attention. Improper waste collection system across the country has led to overflow of garbage bins with waste littering on the road which is a very common sight. There can never be a full proof solution for all the issues related to waste management and recycling but a piecemeal approach is very much needed. In the entire process of waste management, the hardest part is the effective waste collection and segregation system.

Our Solution :
Nibiaa Devices has come up with an IoT Enabled Smart Dust-bin solution which will provide real-time update on dustbin filled % of dustbins across the cities with the help of our sensors. Tracking Sensors will also be installed at various collection trucks who can be monitored through maps on their route optimization or efficiency of the collection agent. With the help of our solution Command and control center across smart cities will be able to monitor how effectively and efficiently waste collection is happening across the cities.

How it will work :
Sensors will be installed on garbage bins and collection vehicle to route the optimal collection process. These sensor data will be collected on our Cloud enabled dashboards and route mapping algorithms will be used to map the best collection route.