Nibiaa Devices - Smart Parking Management Solution

April 14, 2020

Problem Statement :
Parking is always an issue when it comes to Indian roads. Finding a proper parking location or making sure vehicle owners park in designated parking locations is always a challenge. Random parking has been a primary cause of traffic jams and road accidents across india which claims about 1.5 lacs each year approximately.lots of challenges are also faced by emergency vehicles like ambulances, police cars due to traffic congestion

Our Solution :
Our IoT based Smart Parking solution will be able to help to a certain extend by optimally utilizing free parking locations across the city. Our maps based dashboard will be able to point out about any free parking location across the city and be navigated to the designated location using maps navigation. Smart Cities can utilize our solution to automate and monitor the utilization of parking resources. We can also install our Smart Sensors for spots which are " No Parking" Zones. If anyone parks then notifications can be sent to the nearest control room.

How it will work :
Nibiaa Device will install smart parking sensors across the designated parking locations in the city which will give real-time update if any vehicle has been parked at the spot. These notifications can be monitored using our Cloud based dashboard and will also be available to general public for their view.