Nibiaa Devices - Smart Flood Monitoring Solution

April 14, 2020

Problem Statement :
Every year during the Monsoon season Huge areas of the country is ravaged by flash flood resulting in Enormous loss of Properties and assets and in some cases loss of human life. 90% of the flash flood happens when excess water overflows from nearbly rivers and streams which are difficult to track and predict.

Our Solution :
Every bridge during construction already has a manual marker which indicates the rise in water level based on the topography of the surrounding. We can install smart Water level monitor sensors on bridges across the city. These Smart sensors will povide real-time water level and plot aross our maps enabled flood network dashboard and provide level monitoring information 24/7 throughout the year.

One of the use case is combing together our water level data with the various meteorological data like rainfall , weather forecast, humidity, temperature etc. we can predict at what time of the day the flood water will overflow from these rivers and streams and be able to give early warning to save lives and properties.

How it will work :
These water level monitor sensors will intract with the Gateway which are stationed across the city and be able to transfer the senor to tour cloud platform where the data with be analyzed and visualized along with predictive algorithms to provide dashboards for the general public to monitor.