Nibiaa Devices - Smart Fire Alarm Solution

April 14, 2020

Problem Statement :
Government offices are known to store huge quantities of important files and documents which are critical for the proper functioning of the government machinery. Important documents like Land records, birth and death census , medical records in government hospitals to name a few. These file storage rooms are a fire disaster waiting to happen.There is no mitigation solution to safeguard these important files and documents from catching fire in our Government buildings.

Our Solution :
Nibiaa Devices has end-to-end IoT solution for Smart Fire Alarm which can provide notification to Fire Department of any such incident happens. We can install these smart sensors in various important rooms across government offices to monitor fire or smoke so that fire department will get real-time information in the case of fire disaster so that these rooms can be protected.

How it will work :
We will be installing these smart IoT Enabled Sensors across various important offices in government offices. The sensors will monitor for smoke or fire 24/7 and will provide notification to our Smart Fire Monitoring Dashboard which will be placed in Fire Department for quick response.